There is inadequate evidence about the carcinogenic effect of human exposure to chromium compound. This study aimed to estimate cytogenetic and carcinogenic effects of occupational exposure to chromium in tannery workers, and comparison of the diagnostic value of urinary cytology, nuclear matrix protein (NMP) and Kontron Image Analysis System for the detection of occult bladder cancer. Methodology: The study included 38 tannery workers and 40 unexposed subjects. Cytogenetic analysis was carried out with standard procedures on heparinised venous blood leukocytes. Urine samples were tested for abnormal cells through cytopathological examination and DNA image analysis for any abnormality in the cell life cycle, in addition to NMP, a tumor marker specific for bladder cancer, to detect suspected bladder lesions. Results: Statistical analyses revealed that there was no significant difference in chromosomal aberrations and sister chromatic exchange between tannery workers and their control. But, there were significant differences between the examined groups according to the cytopathological examination of the urine samples and DNA images. In smoking tannery workers, 4C and S phase were significantly higher and 2C was significantly lower compared to those not smoking. There was no significant difference between the two groups according to NMP. The percent of positive NMP in smoking workers was higher compared to non-smokers in both groups. Conclusion: Tannery workers were at high risk for bladder pre-cancerous lesions, but, cytogenetic changes were not approved. Urinary cytology as well as NMP can provide useful excluding information, and can be used in screening for bladder cancer in the population at risk to exclude the presence of the condition, but not as a diagnostic methods.


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  • Received: 08 May 2012
  • Accepted: 08 May 2012
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