Protection of the environment, anywhere, requires carrying out three indispensable fundamental tasks to achieve the desired goal of raising the level of environmental awareness among the population; to avoid the risk of ignorance of the importance of preserving the environment, and to face excessive pollution cases. This is done by introducing the protection of the environment within educational programs in schools and universities; also using media and modern communications to prepare qualified professionals in the fields of environmental science to work at protecting the environment. This will safeguard against all kinds of pollution, by planning and implementation, so that the protection of the environment will be an element of the feasibility study of the projects to be set up, and the most important factor that controls human behavior in operational areas. Enactment of laws is necessary to protect the environment from attacks that can occur in any element, and the most effective laws are those that protect against pollution and prevent its occurrence; or even putting a deterrent in place such as penalties for the environmental violation. The aim of these sanctions is to limit the behaviors that causeenvironmental pollution by instilling a fear of punishment. Environmental protection laws have become one of the most important laws imposed over the last decade and this is a basic necessity for many countries to preserve the environment. Degrees of interest in environmental legislation and provisions contained therein, have varied as it progresses and develops. Developed countries with a high awareness but lacking in the development of legal rules, and underdeveloped countries differ in their positions on environmental laws, particularly concerning food shortage and poverty. However, legislations, for the most part, have been weak in terms of protection, or they did not implement them strongly enough. .


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  • Received: 16 May 2012
  • Accepted: 16 May 2012
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