The solar industry is at a very dynamic stage with numerous new applications, technologies and ongoing developments. While current applications and technologies offer competitive solutions; the ongoing developments imply a potential for future breakthrough technologies, which may lead to further improvement of economic feasibility.

Due to the current relatively high initial investment requirement of solar technologies and the abundant locally available clean natural gas, cost comparison is less meaningful. Nevertheless, the role of renewable energy should be considered in Qatar's long term energy portfolio. Its future contribution to electricity generation is expected to be important in different applications.

The Qatar National Vision highlights the importance of the diversification of the nation's economy and it's positioning as a regional hub for knowledge and for high value industrial and service activities. Therefore, renewable energy related research and development activities may become increasingly important in the creation of high-skilled job opportunities in Qatar.

Chiyoda Corporation is committed to the deployment of competitive new technologies in Qatar and it closely observes the solar market. The active cooperation with local organizations and key industry contacts helps to address barriers and contribute to the development of Qatar's long term renewable energy strategy plan.

Public acceptance of new technologies and energy sources involves the analysis of a complex mix of social factors, such as risk perception, familiarity, information, awareness on environmental and energy issues connected with local territorial aspects. New mechanisms have to be created for effectively tackling the societal challenge of the transition towards the adoption of new technologies by proactively bringing together actors such as research institutions, civil society organizations involved in energy and environmental matters, policy makers, enterprises, media practitioners and local authorities with complementary knowledge. The paper will present some of the opportunities and challenges in Qatar.


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  • Received: 05 February 2012
  • Accepted: 13 March 2012
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