Background: This study explored the relation between motivational goals and future goals and school academic achievement motivational activities. The premise is that motivational goals play a fundamental role in academic values and achievement. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationships between motivational goals and university intention, school values and school achievement. Methodology: Confirmatory factor analysis was conducted to establish the construct validity of the motivational measures drawn from the Inventory of School Motivation: Mastery (Task and Effort) Performance (Competition and Social Power) Social (Social Concern and Affiliation) and Extrinsic (Praise, and Token). A set of eight regression analyses was then carried out to examine the relationships between these eight motivational measures, future goals of University Intention, School Value and six academic subjects. Results: The eight regression equations revealed that Mastery, represented as Effort and Task were the significant and main predictors on the eight dependent variables of University Intention, School Valuing and School Achievement. Conclusion: Students in Qatar exhibited effort and task in goal motivation in relation to student beliefs of future academic goals and objective measures of achievement in all academic subjects. Students in Qatar have a strong sense values in terms of Effort.


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