In order to evaluate the quality of its survey data, SESRI implemented since 2010 a system of re-interviewing a sub-sample of respondents. These re-interviews usually take place not more than six days from the date of the first interview for the original survey production. Results from these interviews are used as an instrument to analyze non-sampling error and to estimate response inconsistencies, to identify reasons for discrepancies for selected questions for the same respondents, as well as to determine interviewer cheating. Applying the Gross Difference Rate (GDR), Index of Inconsistency (IOI) and Reliability Rate (RR) to estimate variances in respondents' answers, this paper presents the results of the re-interviewing study of the 2012 Qataris' Attitudes Towards the Foreign Workers in Qatar. The results are intended for researchers and data collection organizations to improve the quality of data they collect and use.


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