The main focus of the study was to find out the level of awareness about effectiveness of ICT mediated extension service in disseminating farm information to the farmers. The factors influencing awareness of the farmers and the problems faced by the farmers in getting farm information were also explored. Data were collected from a sample of 100 farmers out of 700. A structured interview schedule and check list were used in collection of data through face to face interviewing and focus group discussion (FGD) from the farmers during May to June 2013. The awareness was measured by using a 4 point rating scale and appropriate weights were assigned to each of the responses and by adding the weights awareness score was calculated. Thus, the awareness score of the respondents ranged from 16 to 50 against the possible range of 0 to 64. The effectiveness of ICT was considered based on amount of information being supplied, acceptability of information, usage of information and outcome/benefit by using information by the farmers. About three-fourths (74 percent) of the farmers had moderate awareness while almost one fourth (23 percent) having low and only 3 percent had high awareness about effective delivery of farm information by ICT centers. The level of education, farm size, family size, annual income, training exposure, organizational participation and extension media contact of the farmers were significantly correlated with their awareness about effective delivery of farm information. The stepwise multiple regression analysis showed that out of 9, four variables such as organizational participation, annual income, farm size and family size of the farmers combined accounted for 47.90 percent of the total variation regarding awareness of effective delivery of farm information. Rendering inadequate services of field extension agents, Frequent power disruption, Lack of skilled manpower (extension agents) at ICT centers, Lack of training facilities for the farmers, Poor supervision and monitoring of field extension activities by the superior officers were the major problems mentioned by the farmers for effective dissemination of farm information by ICT mediated extension service. Key words: Awareness, ICT mediated extension service, effective delivery


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