In support of Qatar's National Road Safety Strategy and under the umbrella of the National Traffic Safety Committee, Qatar Petroleum's Research and Technology Department in cooperation with Williams Advanced Engineering has undertaken a study of the state of tyre safety in the country. This study has reviewed the regulatory and legislative frameworks governing tyre usage in the country, as well as collected data on how tyres are being used by the populace. To understand the state of tyre usage in Qatar a survey of 239 vehicles undergoing annual inspection was conducted and an electronic survey querying respondents' knowledge of tyres received 808 responses. The findings identified deficiencies in four key areas: accident data reporting, tyre certification for regional efficacy, usage of balloon tyres, and the public's knowledge of tyres and tyre care. Following completion of this study, Qatar Petroleum has commissioned Williams Advanced Engineering to produce an immersive driving simulator for the dual purposes of research and education. This simulator will provide a platform for research investigations of the effect of tyre performance and failure on vehicle stability; additionally this will allow road users, in a safe environment, to experience the effects of various tyre conditions such as a failure, and learn appropriate responses.


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