Since I studied chemical education chemistry in a very unique way at Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma , United States Of America. teaching chemistry became a hobby not a job for me. which motivated me to apply the teaching with educational technology to every chemistry aspect that I teach as I applied my unique expertise through the smart digital flipped classroom technique in teaching the different chemistry laboratories, on the blackboard and in the different chemistry tutorial classes that I taught offered by the chemistry Department, college of arts and sciences , Qatar University. Through building An educational web site with the theme chemistry flipped for teaching chemistry. The blended learning chemistry web site provides students with explanatory material that is augmented by audio visual simulations with technology immersed education. The general idea that students work at their own pace, receiving lectures at home via online videos or podcasts which I record and post for them so they got prepared before coming to the class. the students are able to use class time to practice what they've learned with traditional schoolwork—but with my freed up for additional one-on-one time. Students can review lessons anytime, anywhere on their personal computers and smart phones, reserving class time for in-depth discussions or doing the actual experiment and most importantly they know and understand what they are doing. Through unlocking knowledge and empowering minds. The video lecture is often seen as the key ingredient in the flipped approach. My Talk will be on the use of educational technology in teaching chemistry as my chem Demos go behind the magic as I used new techniques for helping students visualize the concept which helped them understand the topic more. I converted the writing discussion into a conversation into the cloud system. The web site includes online interactive pre/post-classroom activities assessment pages, live podcast capture for the experiments done by the students, post-classroom activities, dynamic quizzes and practice exams pages, honor pages for recognizing the hard working students, in class lecture live podcasting, linked experiments and many more. Probabilistic system analysis is used for keeping track of the students' progress, their access and their learn and I used statistic to relate the students results before and after the use of my blended learning audiovisual simulation flipped classroom. During the study the students showed an extraordinary passion to chemistry , they study it on iTunes, YouTube, on Facebook, on Twitter, they learned it very well, chemistry with them everywhere even I their free time. demonstrate the advantages associated with using web based learning with the flipped chemistry teaching methods provide support for students in a large lecture and laboratory classes. The two biggest changes resulting from the method are the manner in which content is delivered (outside of class) and the way students spend time in the classroom (putting principles into practice). Feedback from students has conveyed that the style is more dynamic and motivational than traditional, passive teaching. Which help keep open courseware going and growing.


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