The present Qatarian government has a long term vision of introducing intelligent transport, logistics management and road safety services in Qatar. Studies have shown that the public transport system in Qatar, and Doha in particular, is developing, but is not yet as comprehensive as in many renowned world cities (Pernin et al., 2008; Henry et al., 2012). Furthermore, with hosting rights of FIFA 2022 World Cup being granted to Qatar, a seminar paper was recently discussed by 2030 Qatar National Vision aim at world-class transport system for Qatar which meets the requirements of the country's long term goal (Walker, 2013). The introduction of intelligent public transport system involves the incorporation of technology into transportation system so as to improve public safety, conserve resources through seamless transport hub and introduce smartness for maximum utility in public transportation. The aforementioned goals of 2030 Qatar National Vision can be achieved through TVWS technology. TVWS technology was created to make use of sparsely used VHF and UHF spectra bands as indicated in Figure 1. The project focuses on IEEE 802.22 to enhance the Security, Smart, Seamless (SSS) transportation system in Qatar as shown in Figure 2 below. It is sub-divided as: (i) Security- TVWS to provide surveillance camera in public bus and train system. The bus/train system will be fitted with micro-camera. The project will provide the city center management team the ability to monitor and track the public transportation system in-case of accident, terrorism and other social issues. (ii) Seamless-TVWS will be made available for anyone who can purchase a down/up converter terminal to access the internet services for free. The need for up/down converter arises because the current mobile devices operate in ISM bands, whereas TVWS operates in VHF/UHF bands. (iii) Smart-The city center management can seat in their office and take control of eventuality. If there is such a project in the past, it might be using satellite technology. We are all aware of the limitations of satellite technology such as round delay trip. (iv) Novelty- Spectrum sensing by using Grey prediction algorithm is proposed to achieve optimal result. From academic point of view, Grey prediction algorithm has been used in predicting handoff in cellular communication and in stock market prediction, with high prediction accuracy of 95~98% (Sheu and Wu, 2000; Kayacan et al. 2010). The proposal methodology is as shown in Figure 3. Wireless Rural Area Network (WRAN) with cell radius varies from 10 - 100 km leaning towards macro cell architecture. Hence, the roll-out will require less base station infrastructure. In addition, the VHF-UHF bands offer desirable propagation qualities when compared to other frequency bands thereby ensuring wider and reliable radio coverage.


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