Abstract Objectives in this research is to increase the accuracy of the distinction between functions of various Kulaip through a careful analysis of brain electrical signals and electrical signals are out of the brain and can be received from sensors, especially in plants and solid enlarge and stored. It is characteristic of brain signals Abbaas Electrical signals are weak force and the Pacific area affected by humans, so it is also loaded with signal noise changed from its true value. Of my goals in this research is to arrive to delete possible from the noise signal from the brain signals Electrical and represented in a precise manner by factors and components unique to each signal and then train the system to these signals and it means the function of certain mental, and after the training system signals available for training begin the testing phase where the system will signal a new mentality, including the system by comparing the store to his posts, and then classified into one of mental functions that are stored for him. I have in this research to distinguish between five mental functions are: Baseline task1-when a person is completely relaxed in the case of Multiplication task2-mind when it calculates the multiplication operation is not simple Letter composing task3-imagine when the person writing and the formation of a character in his mind Rotation task4-When the person imagine a three-dimensional model of rotation around the axis Counting task 5 - when you imagine the person that writes numbers in sequence This means that one of the 83.7813% and thank God I was able to distinguish the origin of the five functions correctly by the health 100 electrical signal to the brain can identify correctly the 84 signal and we determine the brain function that she made this reference. There are high hopes might build on this research where possible to increase the number of functions of the mind which distinguishes them we reach the distinction between all functions of the mind and know what to think of human, and also the feelings, and also of the objectives of this research is to try to help people with special needs through know what is going on in their minds and meet their needs. I hope to benefit from this research all interested in this area and reach a new height in the analysis and understanding of the functions of the human mind and offer all support to fellow human with special needs.


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