Silicon-based Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC) hardware is the backbone of advanced wireless communication and sensing systems, enabling low-cost, small-size, and high-performance single-chip solution. Advanced RF wireless systems and in turn, silicon RFICs, are relevant not only to commercial and military applications, but also to national infrastructures. This importance is even more pronounced as the development of civilian technologies becomes increasingly important to the national economic growth. New applications utilizing silicon RFIC technologies continue to emerge - spanning across spectrums - from ultra-wideband to millimeter-wave and submillimeter-wave ultra-high-capacity wireless communications; from sensing for airport security and inventory for gas and oil; and from detection and inspection of buried underground oil and gas pipes to wireless power transmission and data communications for smart wells. In this talk, we will present some of our recent developments of silicon RFICs for advanced wireless communications and sensing.


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