As part of the biodiversity surveys conducted recently in Qatar, we studied the darkling beetles of the family Tenebrionidae (Coleoptera). We have started the analyses of the geographic distribution of the species, followed by studies on systematics, genetics, and evolution of the most diversified group of Coleoptera in desert environments. We have already produced relevant new results such as the discovery of the presence of Scaurus puncticollis Solier, 1838 in Qatar, and preliminary phylogeographic analyses of the populations of Adesmia cancellata distributed across Qatar. Together with these findings, we are currently updating the check-list of Qatar beetles of the family Tenebrionidae. In addition, several species of the genus Pimelia, Thriptera, and Gonocephalum are currently under taxonomic study, and we will add new records that will be included for the first time in the Biodiversity report of insect species for Qatar. The geographic range of darkling beetles in Qatar is being expanded along with current new biodiversity surveys. This suggest that the fauna of darkling beetles of Qatar is still underestimated despite previous efforts conducted by many researchers locally (e.g., Ministry of the Environment, Qatar University, Friends of the Environmental Centre) and internationally. To document and report the actual Biodiversity Heritage of Qatar, new exhaustive field biodiversity surveys should be conducted to complete the catalogue of Tenebrionoidae for the State of Qatar. This abstract is a contribution for the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference (QF-ARC-2013).


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