Meeaad Y. Al-Jassim1, Noof M. Al-Korbi1, Fatima A. Al-Naemi1 1Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar The mycobiota of soil was investigated in ninety soil samples collected from three different localities in Qatar, biology field2, biology field 3 and University farm. Biology field 2 and biology field 3 are located at longitude and latitude 549350.32 M.E and 2866180 M N 3 549812.00 ME and 2806702.93 M N respectively. Qatar University farm is located in Raodat Al Faras, about 60 km north of Doha (49° 25´ N, 20° 51´ E), 14.1 meters above sea level, with an area of 54.3 ha. Soil samples were collected under Zygophyllum quatarense, which was dominated in biology field 2 and 3 and from rhizosphere of fig, lemon, and date palm trees in QU farm. Twenty nine species of fungi belong to 9 genera were isolated from Biological field 2 and 3 at Qatar University. Whereas 19 fungal species belonging to 10 genera were isolated from QU farm. The distribution of soil borne was affected by the microclimate, physic-chemical propriety of soil and types of vegetation. The genus of highest incidence and their respective numbers of species was, Rhizopus ( 24 %, 3 species) isolated from biology field 2 and 3. The genus of lowest incidence was (Aspergillus (4.5 %, 2 species) islolated from biology field 2 and 3. Whereas, Aspergillus was the most common genera(43.78%, 18 species) isolated from QU farm followed by Rhizopus (13.4 %, 4 species) and Trichoderma (7.7 %, 2 species). Sixteen isolates were shown an antagonistic activity. Alternaria chlamydospora showed highest percentage of antagonistic activity against many species. In contrast, introduction of Rhizopus arrhizus led to approximately 62.5% reduction in Alternaria chlamydospra growth. Moreover, Penicillium griseofulvum inhibited the growth Alternaria chlamydospra by 10%. Keywords: Soil borne fungi, antagonist, microclimate, biological control


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