TiO2 is a semiconductor with photo-catalytic properties and is being thoroughly investigated for its use in the degradation of harmful environmental pollutants using photo-catalytic reactions. The effects of TiO2 nanoparticles and different structured TiO2 electrodes on methyl orange degradation using sunlight have been investigated. Titania Nanotube (TNT) and Titania Nanofiber (TNF) were obtained through anodic oxidation of pure titanium sheet and titania nanoparticle was commercially available. Nanostructured Titania was doped with palladium and Methyl Orange, a harmful environmental pollutant, was degraded using palladium doped nanostructured titania. The kinetic degradation was observed using UV-Vis spectroscopy. Titania Nanotube degraded the pollutant faster than titania nanofiber because of the larger surface area provided by tubes. Titania nanoparticle being in the powder form was the most effective in degrading methyl orange pollutant because of the very large surface area providing higher catalytic capability.


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