Abstract: Qatar biodiversity is under the pressure by the effects of environmental pollution, overgrazing, desertification as well as the climatic change. In order to rescue wild plant genetic resources of Qatar and in the line of Qatar Strategic action plan of Genetic resources, the present investigation aims at ex-situ conservation of some wild plant genetic resources from Rawdat Umm Al-Kharq. A total number of 17 accessions have collected from Rawdat Umm Al-Kharq, which represent 13 family and 16 Genus,17 Species, during the season of 2013 to target a fully maturated seeds, herbarium specimens and DNA samples. The collection missions follow the principals and guidelines of Plant genetic resources collections set by Biodiversity International and international gene banks. The collected materials are subjected to characterization, documentation and preservation process. According the international conservation rules, cleaning, drying, viability test, packaging and storing were applied for seeds. Highly seeds viability recorded with Cucumis prophetarum, Malva parviflora, and Salvia aegyptica. All information derived from conservation process was documented in the Biotechnology Center. Key words: Biodiversity, Plant Genetic Resources, gene bank, Conservation, Qatar.


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