Geothermal energy has been a well known renewable sources for power production. Continuous non- stop of energy production along the year is the main aspect for a preferable way to generate power. As it is well known that geofluid is harvested from a production well which is used as the main input for the plant process. Consuming this geofluid for heat transfer process or by directly generating electricity in a steam turbine will relatively drop its temperature. Thus, geofluid is re-injected back to the well to regain the heat loss from the surroundings. The more the temperature of geofluid is, the better the power generation will be. Studying the heat transfer process occurring in a geothermal well is a vital need in such a plant to improve the geofluid temperature magnitude. This is applicable by using a highly sophisticated software "FLUENT GAMBIT" were a three dimensional model can be built by drawing it on "GAMBIT" and exporting the mesh to "FLUENT" for heat transfer process simulation. Dimensions such as the oil well diameter and the closed loop pipe where the geofluid flows must be known and obtained. The range of the surrounding reservoir temperature of the well is considered as well. This operation is highly recommended for whom is interested to know and innovate renewable resources such as geothermal energy for power generation. This is done by choosing the best material of the geofluid pipes that ease the heat transfer process as said before. Defining the optimal flow rate of the geofluid that helps in gaining the maximum heat from the well taking into account the porous medium where the heat flows from the reservoir to the well. Getting such a result through this study will increase the potential of hosting and implementing this renewable resource in Qatar and will cover most of the hidden obstacles that may face the researchers.


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