Since more than two decades Fraunhofer IPM works on metrology systems for semiconductor characterization. The physical transport properties and their determination are fundamental for the development and improvements of semiconductors regarding solar and thermoelectric applications. Therefore special designed setups for temperature dependent measurement of Hall-coefficient, charge carrier concentration and mobility as well as Seebeck-coefficient, electrical and thermal conductivity were developed and high accuracy reached. A wide range of metrology systems have been developed to measure thin films as well as bulk samples over a broad temperature range from below 100 K to over 1000 K. In this presentation we will show the interplay of these transport parameters and the critical influences regarding their determination. In closed collaboration with national and international metrological instituts Fraunhofer IPM developed a standardized measurement method[1] as well as reference samples for the so called power factor, a number for the conversion efficiency of thermoelectric semiconductor materials. These efforts will also presented.


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