The huge economic impact of the corrosion of metallic structures is a very important issue for all modern societies. Reports on the corrosion failures of bridges, buildings, aircrafts, automobiles, and gas and oil pipelines are not unusual. It is estimated that corrosion and its consequences cost developed nations between 3% and 5% of their gross domestic product. The process involving hexavalent chromates is the most effective and most widely used conversion coatings for corrosion protection for many metals and alloys. However, the carcinogenic effect and environmental waste due to chromates are well documented. The concept of 'self-healing', 'self-repairing' or 'smart' materials has in recent years been developed experimentally in new types of manufactured materials creating a new class of multifunctional materials of self healing properties. Such properties add functionality to the materials to heal themselves automatically after mechanical, physical or chemical damages caused, for example, by scratch, impact, abrasion, erosion, friction, corrosion, wear, fire, ice, etc. The development of active corrosion protection systems for steels, Al and Mg substrates is an issue of prime importance in key industries, including petroleum, chemicals, transportation. The present work provides new insights towards the development of new protective systems with self-healing functionality. The proposed coatings characterize with the self-healing ability, ease of application at low cost and safety. When the new chromate-free surface treatments are applied prior to Fluoropolymer top coating, the coatings exceed 2000-hour salt spray tests. The approach described herein can be used in many industrial applications where active corrosion protection of materials is required.


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