Introduction: E. coli is usually harmless to the host, sometimes causes diarrhoeal and other diseases in humans. In the meantime, S. aureus is the cause of a wide range of different kinds of major and minor pyogenic infections. Rational : The mechanical action of the bacteriophage on the selected bacteria species depend on their receptors that adsorb them to their hosts, some proteins of the bacterial outer membrane acts as the receptor for phage infection, to isolate the phages and identify their species through electron microscopy analysis and/or DNA hybridization assays, the relationship between bacteriophages and bacteria proteins could be found by the protein profiles analysis Methods: The proteins of the Escherichia .coli phage and the E. coli bacteria were separated by Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate Poly Acrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) to estimate their molecular weights; the migration of each band was compared to the standards of known weights in the molecular ladder. Results: The mobilised proteins of the phage showed three major bands with molecular weights of 46, 35 and 24 kDa. Meanwhile, the bacteria showed clear nine bands with molecular weight ranged between 96 and 14 kDa. This was analysed by the programme ImageJ136b which showed molecular masses of 47, 34 and 16 kDa, The analysed data showed the protein bands distance migration and plot area of the phage and the bacteria, the results in size from 47.7 to 34.3 kDa resembles 43.3% of total phage protein which formed the capsid head and the coil, while the molecular weight mass of 22.5 formed the tail proteins, we found that the band of 34 kDa was the common shared peak between them. Conclusion The bacterial host E. coli protein profile showed more bands and more peaks than the bacteriophages ones, this is related to the lytic cycle of the bacteriophages and their phenomenon in utilizing the bacterial DNA in proteins manufacturing during their multiplication inside the host.


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