The most occurring cancer among women in the world is the breast cancer. It is still unknown what are the reasons one woman develops the breast cancer and another does not develop it. Advances in diagnostics and treatment options, increased understanding of breast cancer types, and, most recently, exploration in the role of genetic mutations in cancer development all have contributed to the reduction of fatalities. However, there remains much to be discovered and improved upon, all with the ultimate goal of making the treatment process as smooth and effective as possible for the patient. Breast cancer is a prevalent problem in our modern world; in the United States alone, over 200,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, with a staggering one in eight women developing some sort of breast cancer in her lifetime. For example, HER2+ breast cancer accounts for 25-30% of these cases in the USA only. HER2+ treatment requires a combination of various drugs, producing a number of both physically and psychologically damaging side effects. In addition, not every country in the world has equally well-established screening, diagnostics and treatment protocols for prevention and life savings. Our team has established a world-wide driven initiative to develop NEW approaches for breast cancer treatments in trying to assure much less radical and aggressive surgeries (mastectomies and even eliminating lumpectomies, therefore reducing many risks associated with surgeries), less radiation exposures thus preserving more health tissue against radiation but increasing the effectiveness of the one-time treatment, and in many cases potentially reduce the chemo therapy as a systemic treatment of the whole body (being the most challenging of all of the three components of the breast cancer treatment). We are developing a comprehensive patient-specific-matrix that will provide a patient-defined-pathway for the best breast cancer treatment option based on the boron neutron capture therapy with newly developed pharmaceuticals and neutron sources. We will present at the Conference our newest findings pertaining to the patient-driven breast cancer treatment matrix. The matrix is designed for the women of the world in order to help increase the survival rates, reduce psychological impacts of the disease and treatment side effects, provide new ways in helping the treatment be shortened, less aggressive while more successful. Knowing that breast cancer is the disease of women and men of the world we would like to establish connections among all countries working together to find the reason for breast cancer occurrence and the best treatment approach(es).


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