The adverse health outcomes, road traffic injuries [RTI's] and deaths, that result from motor vehcile crashes [MVC's] in Qatar have been measured and evaluated. Improvements in this field have been noted; citing improvements in numerous ways using a variety of tools. Deaths are most commonly used with measures of non-fatal outcomes of MVC's rare. The number of MVC's causing injury, number of traffic violations and citations issued and MVC rates per 10,000 vehicles have been applied. The use of the size of the general population as a measure fo RTI exposure or risk is common. Incorporating the highly diverse and changing character of Qatar's population and the even higher differences in road risk exposure between sub-populations must be done. Furhermore, analyses of the differential risk for each of the different RTI mechanisms experienced by the different road users [i.e. rollover vs pedestrian-vehicle collision or driver vs passenger vs pedestrian] must be performed. All of the parameters have been reviewed and analyzed. The tools and parameters best suited to evaluating the health burden from RTI's in Qatar will be presented.


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