There are obvious and well known links between air quality and acute respiratory illnesses that are common in Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries. For example, recent studies have documented a number of respiratory problems associated with inhalation of dust during dry, windy periods. In Qatar, exposure to dust and sand are anecdotally associated with a variety of respiratory issues including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These illnesses may be brought about by physical damage caused by the particles themselves, or by microorganisms that can be associated with these particles. In this study we will examine the relationship between different climatic variables, daily airborne particulate matter, and hospital admissions for respiratory problems over an eight month period to establish possible relationships. The results of the study will shed light on the importance of weather phenomena, particularly windy conditions, in impacting respiratory health in Qatar. These data are particularly important as respiratory problems are expected to increase as climate change results in hotter, drier conditions over the next few decades.


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