INTRODUCTION: CBIA is a small group discussion which emphasizes on the active role of participants in looking for information. CBIA has been proven effective to improve tuberculosis patient's adherence to treatment program, pharmacy assistant's skills in hypertension drug information service, and skills in early detection of Brest cancer. Therefore, CBIA was developed adapting the original CBIA, enriched with key messages in healthy life-style for diabetic patients as CBIA-DM. OBJECTIVE: This study was aimed to assess the impact of CBIA-DM on diabetic patients' quality of life. METHODS: Time series, pre and post quasi-experimental design. Three groups were involved in the study: CBIA-DM, DM-club and normal-care group. Data were collected in preintervention,immediately, one, three and 6 months post intervention using WHOQOL-bref questionnaires Bahasa version. Categorizing scores in good (>mean + SD), fair (between mean + SD and mean − SD), and poor (<mean − SD) level. Effectiveness of CBIA-DM was assessed based on the increasing of participant number in good level which steady remains until 6 months post-intervention, time-required and cost/person for conducting CBIA-DM, and acceptance of CBIA-DM by the participants. RESULTS: In general quality of life, participant number of CBIA-DM (n = 30) increased from 13.3% to 16.7%. In health status: general, physical, psychological, social-relationships, and environment, increased from 23.3% to 40%, 13.3% to 23.3%, 16.7% to 23.3%, 16.7% to 30%, and 16.7% to 26.7% respectively. Time-required for conducting CBIA-DM was one-third (3 vs. 9 hours) with cost/person 0.28 (US D 6.50 vs 22.75) compared to DM-club. Participants expressed that CBIA-DM was enjoyable. CONCLUSIONS: CBIA-DM is cost effective strategy and has positive-impact on diabetic patients' quality of life.


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