Failure to offer evidence based structured diabetes educational program impacts negatively on the effectiveness of diabetes management and leads to increased morbidity and mortality. We assessed the efficacy of a nurse led group based structured diabetes education in improving glycemic and metabolic parameters among Arab type 2 diabetic patients compared to usual care Methods This was a parallel group randomized trial in adult Arab type 2 diabetic patients living in Qatar. Subjects were randomized to nurse led structured diabetes educational program ,or to usual care .The primary outcome was the improvement in HbA1c and other metabolic parameters including lipid profile ,albumin/creatinine ratio ,blood pressure and body mass index.. Patients were invited to attend four 2-hour sessions of self-efficacy improvement education .Outcomes were assessed at base line and 12 months later. The primary analysis was an intention to treat. Results Participation of the intervention was shown after 12months to have led to a statistically significant improvements in HbA1c(-0.55 m mol /L ,p=0.012),F.B.S(-0.92 m mol/L ,p=0.022),B.M.I(-1.70,p=0.001) and albumin/creatinine ratio(-3.09,p<0.001) but not in the control arm. conclusion Inclusion in the Nurse led intervention by adult Arab type 2 diabetic subjects was shown 12-months post intervention to have led to enhanced glycemic and metabolic parameters including body mass index and blood pressure .The success of this trial justify the feasibility and generalization of this intervention to neighboring Arabian Gulf countries who have similar Arab population with identical cultural beliefs and practices.


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