Background: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and related death rates vary worldwide. Objectives: To evaluate the incidence, causes and outcome of TBI in Qatar. Method: A retrospective review of all TBIs admitted to the trauma center between January 2008 and December 2011 was performed. Patients' demographics, mechanism of injury, morbidity, and mortality were analyzed. Results: A total of 1665 patients with TBI were admitted, the majority were males (92%) with a mean age of 28±16 years. The common mechanism of injury was motor vehicle crashes (MVCs)and falls from height (51% and 35%, respectively). TBI was incidentally higher in young adults (34%) and middle age group (21%). The most frequent injuries were brain contusion (40%) followed with subarachnoid (25%), subdural (24%), and epidural hemorrhage (18%). The mortality rate was 11% among TBI patients. Mortality rates were 8% and 12% among adolescents and young adults, respectively. The highest mortality rate was observed in elderly patients (35%). Head AIS, ISS and age were independent predictors for mortality. Conclusion: In Qatar,TBI is reported in around 27% of all the trauma admissions;mostly due to MVCs and is associated with high mortality. Elderly are the most vulnerable group. particularly in the older group. Public awareness and injury prevention campaigns should target young population.


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