Introduction: According to the World Health Organization one in five road traffic fatalities are related to impaired driving involving drunk-driving (DD), drugs, illicit substances as well as prescription medications. The proportion of DD-related road fatality (or DDRF %) is the recommended indicator in setting road safety goals for DD prevention. The literature however is relatively silent about the availability of DDRF % in high-income (HIC), medium-income (MIC) and low-income (LIC) countries. Objective: The study assessed the availability of DDRF % in different countries and particularly with respect to their income and alcohol use patterns. This research is in line with Qatar National Research Strategy pillar H.E.1.8 (prevention of motor vehicle crashes and injuries) and the Grand Challenges Qatar. Methods: Availability of DDRF % was extracted from the two recent global status reports on road safety (2009) and on alcohol and health (2011) and assessed with respect to country income and alcohol use patterns. Results: Report on road safety included more DDRF% than report on alcohol and health (n=90 vs. 27). DDRF% was significantly (P<0.01) more available in high-income countries (77%, n=30/39) versus middle income countries (52%, n=47/90) and low-income countries (28%, n=13/46). DDRF% distribution ranged from 5% to over 40%, however, we noted no differences between country's income status and the distribution of DDRF%. We did observe that DDRF%s were not available in the high-income countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region. DDRF%s were available in 88% countries with high consumption (<20% abstainers) One in two countries with moderate consumption did not report DDRF%. Conclusions: Data on the contribution of DD to fatality rates are generally inadequate, especially in HICs of Eastern Mediterranean region, MICs and LICs. These findings indicate the need to strengthen road safety data collection on DD, drugs and medication use while driving in above mentioned countries.


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