Qatar established it vision 2030 in October, 2008 (Ibrahim, 2009), adopting the concept of sustainable development. Thus the understanding of the impact of poor wastewater management and degrading sewage systems should be highlighted. Additionally, new technology should be developed to fully decrease the pollution while focusing concern on the economic benefits of the process. We have chosen to evaluate both poultry and slaughterhouse wastewater, since, if discharged into open waterways in an untreated form, it can cause great pollution stress on our environment. To be able to build a proper process for wastewater treatment, we had first to choose the characteristics needed to be identified for better understanding of the local wastewater, to later have informative values at the end. To help us fully understand the chemical and physical characteristics of the wastewater to be treated, we have chosen to measure initial parameters, including chemical oxygen demand (COD), total suspended solids, total dry solids, pH and conductivity. It is well-established that slaughterhouse wastewater is a moderate to low strength complex-type wastewater; thus, the biodegradability of this could be easily achieved if an adapted bacterial population is obtained. Interestingly, we showed that the anaerobic sludge from the Qatari environment is able to treat more than 95% of the wastewater at 38°C, which is favorable and beneficial to develop large-scale anaerobic digestion of the slaughterhouse waste waters given the conditions in Qatar. Consequently, it is possible to conclude that the anaerobic sludge and the temperature applied for the treatment are suitable to overproduce methane from slaughterhouses wastewaters in Qatar's conditions. Our findings showed that almost 1.3 L of methane can be produced by digesting 1 g of COD or dry matter in the slaughterhouse wastewater, which is a very high yield, unprecedented among levels reported for anaerobic digestion.


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