Cadmium is a naturally occurring metal and is usually present in the environment as a mineral combined with other elements, such as oxygen, chlorine, and sulfur, or as a minor component of most metal ores such as zinc, lead, and copper. Cadmium is also released in the environment from industrial activity; in particular, ore-smelting plants, industrial paints, and agricultural fertilizers. Over the last few decades, considerable attention has been paid to the evaluation and detection of cadmium contamination in the environment, mostly because of the relationship between cadmium exposure and the development of chronic health problems, including renal dysfunction, osteoporosis, and carcinogenesis, as well as developmental and reproductive problems. Water contamination by cadmium is of particular interest because of its high solubility in acidic conditions. Contamination of drinking-water may occur as a result of the presence of cadmium as an impurity in the zinc of galvanized pipes or cadmium-containing solders in fittings, water heaters, water coolers and taps. The aim of this study is to evaluate the availability of cadmium in drinking water in Qatar. Five samples of municipal water were collected from different locations in Doha--Al-Wakra, Dafna, Salwa Road, Al-Kharitiyat and Sailiya--to examine the availability of cadmium in drinking water. Analysis was performed by injecting the samples directly into an ICP-OES machine and obtaining the results. The results showed that the cadmium concentration in all samples was below detection (detection limit for Cd: 0.7 ppb). These low Cd concentrations in drinking water in Doha may be related to the fact that both dissolved and particulate matter are being removed from seawater during the desalination process. In addition, the absence of these toxic elements may be related to the water distribution system being relatively recent and containing cadmium-free pipes.


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