Background: Traditionally, household pest control relies entirely on the use of pesticides. Multiple hazards are associated with the use of pesticides. Objectives of the study: Because of the potential health effects of pesticides exposure, the main aim of this study is to seek alternative methods to control cockroaches. Management measures that keep unwanted pests out buildings and houses can control cockroaches and their associated allergens better than traditional pesticides spraying. Methods: Three methods of investigations were used: interviews with house owners, estimation of cockroach density by using sticky traps and direct observations on the habitat. Although the study was conducted mainly in Rayyan municipality but information on cockroach population density were also collected from other municipalities in Qatar. Results: Two species of cockroaches were identified. The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana L.) and the German cockroach (Blattela germanica L.). Sewage water manholes were the preferred locations for the American cockroach while the German cockroaches were found mainly in kitchens. Houses which were connected to the sewage water disposal nets suffered less from cockroach infestations. Clean houses that sanitary measures are less subjected to cockroach infestations. Regular house repairs and maintenance are negatively correlated with cockroach density. Houses with many entries suffer more from cockroaches. Number of residence in the house are positively correlated with cockroach density. Education level and awareness of the house owner is negatively correlated with the cockroach density. The use of pesticides alone achieved 54% control. Conclusion: The information collected in this study can be utilized to develop a pest management strategy taking into consideration all the components which may lead to suppress the pest population without relying exclusively on chemical use. This could be achieved through habitat manipulation, which includes maintaining proper sewer system, repairing around the house, fixing water leaks, sealing around electrical plumbing outlets, cleaning, covering garbage cans and tie garbage bags, etc. Pesticides can be used only as a spot treatment in locations where pests were located. Residents education is a major component in the control program because it will improve the awareness about the pest and how to co-operate in the control program.


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