A simplified mathematical model was developed to describe the performance of a submerged membrane sequencing batch reactor for the treatment of synthetic greywater. The greywater was characterised by low soluble carbon and relatively high nitrogen content. The developed mathematical model describes volatile suspended solids (VSS), chemical oxygen demand (COD), dissolved oxygen (DO) , NH₃, NO₂, and NO₃ concentrations with time using a total cycle time of 240 min (60 min for the anoxic and 180 min for the aerated phase). The obtained differential equations were solved using the Matlab function "ode 45". This solver is used for solution of initial value problems. The kinetics and stoichiometric parameters were determined for this type of wastewater. The theoretical predictions obtained from the kinetic model were compared with the experimental results and a good correlation was observed. In this study, the submerged membrane sequencing batch reactor was successfully used for carbon removal from greywater, and showed optimization potential for the nitrogen removal.


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