Information resources over the World Wide Web are increasingly growing in size and creating immense demand for relevant and context-sensitive information. Thus, information retrieval and knowledge management systems need to exhibit high capacity for the mass of information available and most importantly should be able to handle the constant and rapid changes in information in order to produce results in a reasonable time. In this presentation we would like to highlight the research work done for building a new system for incremental information management relative to a domain of knowledge. The new system (named IPS) utilizes new conceptual methods developed using new formal concept analysis constructs called pseudo concepts for managing incremental information organization and structuring in a dynamic environment. The research work in hand focuses on managing changes in an information store relevant to a specific domain of knowledge attempted through addition and deletion of information. The incremental methods developed in this work should support scalability in change-prone information stores and be capable of producing updates to end users in an efficient time. We will also discuss practical aspects related to the macro and micro information organization built using the new system. These include handling incremental corpus organization for a specific domain, performing context-sensitive text summarization of news articles and news articles features extraction. In addition, initial evaluation results will be also discussed showing the improvement in execution time and time complexity while maintaining reasonable comparable quality of incremental structures produced.


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