Background: According to the Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatar residents are encouraged to implement information and communication technology (ICT) initiatives in government, business, and education in pursuit of a knowledge-based society that embraces innovation, entrepreneurship, and excellence in education. This research project, which is funded by the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) under the National Priority Research Program (NPRP), is contributing to this vision by investigating the use of innovative training technology to train Qataris so that they are prepared for the 21st century workforce. Specifically, this research project investigates the use of mobile computer technology--such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and handheld computers--to train Qatar residents on workplace English so that they can become more effective when communicating in the workplace. This presentation will share the results of a preliminary study that was conducted. This project will be expanded using the "Framework for the Rational Analysis of Mobile Education" (FRAME) model (Figure 1) that describes the convergence of mobile technologies, human learning capacities, and social interaction. Objectives: The research evaluates the effectiveness of the mobile computer technology training and transferability to the Qatar workplace environment. Methods: A total of 27 trainees participated in this study. They were given a pre-test followed by the mobile learning training and then a post-test. Results: Overall, the learners' performance improved by 16 percent after completing the training with mobile technology. Ninety four percent of subjects said that the quality of the presentation on the mobile technology was either excellent, good, or fair. One hundred percent of subjects reported that the mobile technology helped them learn. Conclusion: The delivery of training using mobile computer technology was well received by learners. They liked the interactive and innovative nature of the training.


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