Background and Objectives: The epidemiology of child injuries among infants and toddlers (IAT) in Qatar has not been fully described. This study will analyze the injury epidemiology of fatal and non-fatal injuries in IAT and provide recommendations for targeted injury prevention programs for IAT in Qatar. Method: Data from the Qatar statistics authority (QSA), Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Trauma Registry and the mortuary for the years 2009 and 2010 were collected and analyzed. All injuries and injury mortalities to children ages 0-4 were included. Results: For IAT, one in thirteen (7.7%) deaths is caused by injuries with slightly more males (55%) affected. The leading fatal mechanisms were motor vehicle crashes (MVC's) (45%), followed equally by drowning, falls, burns and poisoning. Every year, there are 170 IAT admissions to the Trauma Center of HMC for severe injuries. Males comprise 70% of admissions, with a median age of 2.67 years, 17% were <1 year old. Mean injury severity score (ISS) was 6.2, median ISS was 4. Mean LOS was 4.57 days, median was 2 days. The leading reasons for admission were falls (43%), burns (25%), pedestrian (12%) and passenger (10%) MVC's. The majority (66%) of the injuries occurred at home. The mortality rate of admissions was 2.1%, 71% were males. MVC's were the leading cause of death (57%), equally divided between pedestrians and passengers, and falls happening at home caused 43% of deaths. Conclusions: Two-thirds of severe injuries to IATs happen at home where they are supposed to be safest and under the constant supervision of a responsible adult. While the majority of them are non-fatal, the leading mechanisms, falls and burns, can often lead to lifelong disability. These injuries can contribute to significant developmental delays and psychiatric trauma in IATs and considerable costs to the state. Home safety education is a necessity for families with IATs. Educating families and caregivers on the appropriate environmental modifications in the home to prevent falls and burns must be a priority. The improved surveillance of child injuries and surveys of home conditions in Qatar is needed to form the basis for subsequent actions in this field.


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