Background and Objectives: The millennium development goals (MDG 5) mandate a three quarters reduction in maternal mortality ratio (MMR) by 2015. Hence, universal access to reproductive health and improvement in maternal survival remains the prime focus of all global health strategies and plans of action. Our study aims to analyze Qatar's performance in achieving MDG 5 by 2011. Methodology: A PEARL study (perinatal neonatal outcomes research study in the Arabian Gulf) is Qatar's prospective national perinatal epidemiologic study funded by Qatar National Research Fund. The study is a joint collaborative research project between Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar and the University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. The project is establishing Qatar's national neonatal perinatal registry called Q-Peri-Reg which will quantify maternal, neonatal and perinatal outcomes and their correlates. Data on maternal health indicators and mortality was collected from all public and private maternity facilities during 2011. Results: During 2011, the total deliveries were 20,314 (normal vaginal 15,076 (74.22%) and caesarean sections 5238 (25.78%). 99.45% of deliveries were attended by a trained birth attendant in a maternity facility while 0.55% (n= 114) took place out of hospital. 100% of the mothers had made at least one antenatal visit. The total births were 20,725 (20,583 live births and 142 stillbirths). 100% of the births were examined by a pediatrician and entered in a national birth register. Qatar's MMR was 9.85 (n 2) as compared to global MMR of 260, Australia 8, UK 12 and USA 24. Conclusion: Qatar has achieved its target MDG 5 well before 2015. Qatar's 2011 MMR is comparable to most high income countries. Qatar's reproductive health system provides a unique model to study the correlates and associations of maternal survival which can form the basis of global health systems improvement strategies.


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