Objective: We dedicated our work to study the socio-demographic aspect of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) patients seeking psychiatry treatment in outpatient clinic of Hamad General Hospital for a duration of approximately 5 years of continuous follow-up. Methods: Out of 8878 individual patients who attended the psychiatric outpatient clinic from August 1996 to December 2001, we reviewed a total number of 348 patients with a diagnosis of OCD (according to International Classification of Diseases-10 diagnostic criteria). We divided them according to age, sex, nationality, duration of illness, occupation and marital status. Each patient was interviewed using a structured interview technique and evaluated by a psychiatrist in one session at the psychiatric outpatient clinic. Results: We found that the disorder is more prevalent among non-Qatari people (52%) (Arabs 26.2%, non-Arabs 15.8%) than Qatari people (48%); more common at the age groups of 31-45 years (44.8%); more frequent in the category that visited the outpatient clinic for a period of 1-4 years (60%). We found that the married females (34.5%) are affected more than the married males patient (24.7%). It was also found that in the diagnosis of OCD predominantly obsessional thoughts were 54.9%; more frequent in the sample than the other diagnosis. Conclusion: In the state of Qatar, where expatriates usually outnumber Qatari patients, we discovered that non-Qatari patients are affected more with OCD than the natives. Sex, marital status and occupation also proved to be important factors. From our study, in the female married group, being a housewife seems to pose a greater risk in developing OCD. Predominantly obsessional thought was the most common sub-type of OCD affecting the patients in Qatar.


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