CO is one of the byproducts of natural gas production in Qatar. High rate of natural gas production in Qatar has led to significant amounts of CO production. Release of CO into the atmosphere may be harmful from the global warming standpoint. Recent increase in CO concentration in atmosphere due to burning of fossil fuels and deforestation may be one of the main causes for acceleration in global warming. Since fossil fuels will be a critical component of world energy supplies for the coming decades, methods for disposal of CO that do not involve long residence of CO in the atmosphere should be studied.

One of these methods is injection of CO in underground saline aquifers. It is generally believed that saline aquifers provide the largest potential for CO sequestration. However, the effort required to screen and select saline aquifers for safe and long-term storage is significant. It is also important that screened CO storage sites are exploited to their full potential.

In this work, we studied CO sequestration potential in Qatar's Aruma aquifer. Aruma aquifer is a saline aquifer in the southwest of Qatar. It occupies an area of about 1985 km2 on land, which is approximately 16% of Qatar's area. We developed a compositional model for CO sequestration in the Aruma aquifer. Our model is based on available log data and flow test data from the Qatar Department of Agricultural and Water Research. We modeled CO injection at a constant rate for a period of 30 years and monitored the CO propagation for 200 years. We identified a suitable CO injection rate to keep pore pressure below formation fracturing pressure. We also studied water production at some distance from CO injection wells as a possible way to control pore pressure. This method resulted in significant increase in CO sequestration potential of the Aruma aquifer. The water produced from this aquifer is less saline than seawater and could provide a good water source in the desalination process. The main source of current Qatar's water usage is desalination of seawater.


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