Data outsourcing is a growing business. Cloud computing developments such as Amazon Relational Database Service promise further reduced cost. However, use of such a service can be constrained by privacy laws, requiring specialized service agreements and data protection that could reduce economies of scale and dramatically increase costs.

We propose a private data outsourcing approach where the link between identifying information and sensitive (protected) information is encrypted, with the ability to decrypt this link residing only with the client. As the server no longer has access to individually identifiable protected information, it is not subject to privacy laws, and can offer a service that does not need to be customized to the needs of each country- or sector-specific requirements; any risk of violating privacy through releasing sensitive information tied to an individual remains with the client. The data model used in this work is shown with an example in Figure 1 .

This work presents a relational query processor operating within this model. The goal is to minimize communication and client-side computation, while ensuring that the privacy constraints captured in the anatomization are maintained. At first glance, this is straightforward: standard relational query processing at the server, except that any joins involving the encrypted key must be done at the client; an appropriate distributed query optimizer should do a reasonably good job of this. However, two issues arise that confound this simple approach:

1. By making use of the anatomy groups, and the knowledge that there is a one-to-one mapping (unknown to the server) between tuples in such groups, we can perform portions of the join between identifying and sensitive information at the server without violating privacy constraints, and

2. Performing joins at the client and sending results back to the server for further processing can violate privacy constraints.


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