Force plates have been used in sports biomechanics since the 1960's. However, extracting useful information related to performance from curve analysis is a complicated process. It requires a combined knowledge in signal processing (filtering), mechanical equations, testing protocols, biomechanics, and discrete mathematical analysis to properly process the data.

The aim is to provide a practical and accurate tool to analyze force curves from select standard biomechanical performance tests (e.g., counter movement jump, drop jump).

The software is a tool built using Microsoft.Net framework. Key features of the software include:

* Real-time data acquisition module able to acquire data from third-party 8 channel 3D force plates with real-time results for immediate feedback during tests.

* Digital filtering module where the signal is treated for best fit for the analysis.

* Analysis module able to calculate Force, Power, Velocities, Trajectories, Mechanical Impulse and Timing during the different phases of the tests using discrete analysis algorithms.

* Reporting module for plotting and exporting selected variables.

The software has been used by ASPIRE Academy Sport Scientists in performance assessments of professional and semi-professional athletes from Qatar and other countries.

Currently, the software can analyze Counter Movement Jump, Drop Jump, Isometric Pulls and Squat Jump.

It contains automatic algorithms to detect specific points for each test type, but allows the user to change these suggestions when needed. Feedback is immediate, in both graphical and numerical form.

This novel software has proven to be a useful tool for immediate and accurate analysis and reporting of select field and lab based biomechanical tests. Going forward, further feedback from the applied users can lead to more features added. Considering the architecture of the software, adding more analysis modules is relatively simple. For example work is currently underway on a sprint running analysis module.


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