This research was carried out to examine the awareness about HIV/AIDS. Introduction: AIDS is caused by the HIV virus, which attacks human immunity and can be incubated up to 10 years without symptoms. The infection can be transmitted through blood by injection or injury with infected tools and through sexual relations with infected persons. Rationale: As HIV/Aids awareness is lacking, we believe that educating the society on this matter will help prevent spreading the virus. Methods: Our research is based on a survey/questionnaire distributed to students, teachers and some friends who were selected randomly. In addition, we interviewed a clinical psychiatrist & focused on her AIDS patients while maintaining their anonymity. Results: Our research shows that 84% of the participants have a general idea about AIDS. Fortunately 74% of them recognize that AIDS is a dangerous disease. When asking about the mechanism of HIV work inside the body, 56% of the participants were able to answer the question correctly; and when asked about the ways of transmission, 47% said blood transfusion, 41% thought sexual relations, 46% answered needles, 45% thought it gets transferred from mother to fetus, 42% answered from lactating mother to her infant, and 40% thought through surgical tools of dentist. Interview results showed that the HIV carriers might have psychological disturbances according to their behavior. Conclusion: Most of the study population have come across this disease and are aware of its level of seriousness. Unfortunately they are not aware of further scientific such as ways of transmission, symptoms or prevention.


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