The Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS) has been found to be reliable and valid in several populations and languages. This 20-question scale is a self-report measure, which assesses the ability of persons with any musculoskeletal condition related to the lower extremity from 0 to 80. The objective measurements used to compare it will be the 40-meter fast self-paced walk [SW], timed up-and-go [TUG] and 10-step stair test [ST].

To validate the Arabic LEFS in an Arabic speaking, male, athletic population who are recovering from anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. To compare the LEFS with objective measurements (SW, TUG and ST).

100 male, Arabic speaking athletes will be followed for one year. Athletes will complete the LEFS prior to surgery, one week after surgery, and every week after surgery until 12 weeks. Then they will complete the LEFS at monthly intervals from six months to one year. Alongside the LEFS they will also complete the SW, TUG and ST. These will be reported by time, pain and exertion.

Based on pilot data collected from 92 athletes the following results have been obtained. Average age of athletes was 25 years. They had played their chosen sport on average for three years prior to injury. All athletes were injured in the pursuit of sport although it was not always their own competitive sport. With respect to the LEFS, 14 patients had baseline visits. The baseline LEFS score ranged from 22 to 64 with mean of 51. One week following surgery the range was greater: 11 to 76 with a mean of 44. By 12 weeks, lost to follow up became an issue with only 7 of the 92 patients returning. Final assessments were made after week 30. The results showed a range of 67 to 78 with a mean of 74.

(1) The LEFS appears valid in this population however without adherence to the proposal no statistical tests for significance can be performed. (2) A research assistant will be required in order to maintain the study proposal requirements, specifically regular follow up of the athletes.


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