Adiponectin is a fat derived hormone, known to decrease in type-2 diabetes (DM) and coronary artery disease (CAD). Moreover, our previous study showed that total adiponectin and its HMW isoform decreased in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients compared to healthy controls. The adiponectin gene ADIPOQ is located on chromosome 3q27. Two single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) (rs1501299 and rs2241766) in ADIPOQ gene and their possible associations with ACS were investigated among Arab patients resident in Qatar.

A case-control association study was performed on 142 (ACS) Arab patients and 115 Arab healthy controls from Qatar. Genotypes were determined using TaqMan real time PCR assay. Serum adiponectin level was determined using ELISA.

The GG, GT and TT genotype frequencies of the rs2241766 [+45 T/G] variant showed significant difference between the control and (ACS) cases (45.2%, 40.0%, 14.8% vs. 46.2%, 25.0%, and 28.8%, p=0.0001), respectively. In contrast, there was no significant association between the control and (ACS) cases in the GG, GT and TT genotype frequencies of the rs1501299 (276G > T) (39.8%, 49.1%, 11.1% vs. 41.7%, 48.3%, and 10.0%, p=0.94), respectively. T allele was the minor allele for both rs2241766 and rs1501299 with a frequency of (0.31) and (0.25) respectively. All allele frequencies were in equilibrium for HWE among study subjects [P=0.51] for SNP rs2241766 and (p=0.12) for rs1501299. Using logistic regression analysis with adjustments of age and body mass index, only the T allele of rs2241766 variant was significantly associated with risk of (ACS) with odds ratio of 2.430, (95% of CI 1.010–5.563) with the (p= 0.047) among subjects using the genetic dominant model.

Furthermore, using dominant genetic model, linear regression analysis showed an inverse significant association between the SNP rs2241766 (+45T>G) in the adiponectin gene and serum adiponectin levels (r=−0. 621,p<0.001) among all subjects. By contrast, no significant association was found between rs1501299 (276G > T) and adiponectin level.

This study suggests that rs2241766SNP (+45T>G) in the adiponectin gene is associated with high risk for ACS, and has an effect on the serum adiponectin levels among Arab populations.

Study Supported by UREP(4-3-42),QF & MRC,HMC.


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