The aim of this research is to identify some of the possible factors that lead to the uprising of the different Arab states, ultimately leading to what we know better as the “Arab Spring”. To be more precise, we shall see if the people were justified to revolt through their cause, and, if it was rightful, than we would witness the difference between a revolt and the right to revolt; the latter is based on anarchy whereas the former rests on a sense of duty. In order to do that, we shall embed ourselves in canonical western philosophy, as well as history, and apply the “philosophical triggers” on a case-by-case study of handpicked countries. Those countries will be Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and Qatar. Furthermore, we shall isolate the various points of views extracted from contemporary authors and articles to see if a match can be established with the philosophers and their theories; used as our foundation of this research. The various theories accumulated from the contemporary authors will then be our dichotomy-meter, measuring to what scale the philosophical suggestions hold any truths as reason to these revolutionary uprising (economical, political, principle, rights, ethics…) When a match has been made we will try to understand why some countries were subject to these uprising and other countries in the region weren't. Our final step would be to foreshadow, in the best of our abilities and based on the research at hand, what the future might hold for these countries, which suffered a revolution. These “Blossoms of Revolution” would then reveal the fruits of their tumult, and they would help us in our last task. Finally, if the Holy Qu'ran, the Mandate of Heaven, and the Magna Carta count amongst their words those of a rightful uprising against oppressive rulers then, the Revolution would become a right, a safe-guard that transcends space and time, a tool passed down to use when the time for the generation in question has come, to restore balance between governed and governor.


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