1. The life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is an eternal source of guidance and inspiration for all humanity in general and Muslims in particular, which provides us with a role model to be eulogized. Luckily, the minutest details about the life, conduct and behavior of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are preserved with the maximum possible degree of exactitude. However, writing a paper with a focus on Prophet's (PBUH) acumen on Statesmanship and Leadership is a challenging task as there is no dearth of scholarly works on the moral, spiritual and social areas of the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

2. The Prophet (PBUH), during his stay at Madina, acted as the Head of the State, judge, chief administrator, military commander, and educator etc. His experiences in solving problems and difficulties of the citizens covering diverse spheres of the society can be easily copied to sort out governance and administration problems presently faced by the world in general and Islamic countries in particular. In addition, the application of his immense leadership qualities conform to the present change environment needs of 21st century. His quality can be derived from the principles of military tactics and strategy, which he followed for countering subversion, treachery, aggression and invasion, and the training of men in arms and the art of warfare, which were necessary for the ultimate defeat of the enemy.

3. It is time perhaps that we study afresh the superb leadership and statesmanship exhibited by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) depicted under difficult conditions. This will help us to draw appropriate lessons for application in existing change environments need of 21st century particularly for strict adherence of Islamic countries. This paper is a humble attempt towards that direction.


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