Qatar Charity is seeking to develop and upgrade its communication strategy not only in Qatar but, all over the world especially at the era of the Arab revolution (Tunisia- Egypt - Syria- Yemen- Libya). The role of Qatar Charity in relief activities presented a model of how the humanitarian organization is supposed to be. This requires knowing the features of the current image. So, this research examined the image of Qatar charity among the Qatari society and how the Qatari public, residents and beneficiaries perceive the organization. In addition the study evaluated the perception and image of Qatar Charity for the beneficiaries in Asia, Africa and Europe. The study is trying to answer the following questions:

What communication tools are frequently used? What are the main components of communication strategy? What about the situational analysis of this communication strategy? (Strengths - weaknesses - opportunities).

The study seeks to enhance the efforts to reshape and reposition Qatar charity as a model of NGO worldwide.

The study will be descriptive with data gathered via a questionnaire aimed for all groups in the Qatari society and external sectors that we are serving. We will depend on 800 random sample respondents as follows:

250 in Qatar and 550 outside Qatar as follows:

150 Africa sector

150 Asia sector

250 Europe sector.


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