Higher education sector is one of the fundamental and energetic fields in any developing country. It had become a very competitive one as a result of globalization and increase in the demand for education. Thus, most, if not all universities are competing to level up among others and provide high quality services. The objective of this study is to propose an adaptation of the SERVQUAL scale's generic questionnaire for the Admission and Registration services at Qatar University. This paper is aimed to assess the quality of the services provided through SERVQUAL. SERVQUAL is a method that assesses client satisfaction as a result of the difference between expectation and the performance obtained. The main aim is to adopt the SERVQUAL scale to Admission and Registration service activity and to present the results of its application.

The SERVQUAL generic questionnaire was adapted to the characteristics of admission and registration services at Qatar University. It was then applied to students at Qatar University. After applying the questionnaire, data were tabulated and interpreted. The adapted SERVQUAL questionnaire was used in the study to measure the five gaps in the service quality model, and the main results were presented through analysis of data in each dimension.

This study resulted in identifying the most serious dimension that needs attention and work, in order to reach customers’ satisfaction.


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