Renovation is considered a prominent feature in Islamic sciences & methodology in particular, as characterized by cumulativeness, flexibility and knowledge overlap. Some researchers were interested in the renewal of knowledge of Islamic sciences represented by the science of jurisprudence, whereby the focus was on the form without going into the innovative features of the fundamental approach.

- Formulating introductions to understand the innovative curriculum.

- Shaping the cognitive renewal curriculum for the science of jurisprudence.

- Knowledge of the mental process that gave rise to this science.

- Innovation commences by studying the old/previous, then overcoming it on all levels: research, understanding & content.

- The continuity of innovation & writing the last chapter.

The approach follows the epistemology of jurisprudence, its origin in every century, according to the geographical area of each, separately, using the triad of science:

- Terms

- Rules

- Approach

A synchronic approach will be utilized, which combines the historical and descriptive approaches, in addition to the analytical approach of the text to know its context, intellectual source and its three components: creed, doctrine and language; and the impact of the innovative approach on comprehending the fundamental thought in different dimensions and multiple contexts. We draw the conclusion, which signifies mapping the knowledge of regenerative Islamic and jurisprudence sciences, in particular, and the knowledge of the components of epistemology and apply them to the principles of jurisprudence.

In conclusion, it is clear that the fundamental renovation is derived from the core of minds where coupling of the mind and hearing is accompanied by opinion, doctrine and reality. Finally, it is manifested not to let the theories overshadow the methodology in the research process, since theories, concepts and research methods are merely scanning and analytical tools that we criticize based on scientific reality, rather than criticizing the scientific and cultural heritage enshrined in time afore.


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