The aim of this study is to develop a control program for rodents in animal farms (izzab) in Qatar. The preliminary baseline survey for rodent-infested izzab revealed that 1506 izzab out of 1814 were infested (83%). The overall percentage reduction in the rodent-infested izzab after 6 months of the control programme (June to December 2009) was 77%. Towards the end of the control programme, a special strategy was adopted to control rodents in 327 izzab in which rodents activity was still observed. A 75% reduction was attained in these izzab at the end of the control programme. The overall reduction in the infested izzab was 94% at the end of the control programme.

The most predominant rodent species found in izzab is the Norway rat , making burrows inside and outside Izzab buildings. Less incidences were noted for the House mouse associated with izzab buildings.


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  1. E.M. Noureldin, H. Farrag, Rodent control strategy in animal farms (izzab) in Qatar, QFARF Proceedings, 2010, EEP31.
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