As the State of Qatar endeavors to become the ‘Gas Capital of the World’, it is imperative to develop cost-effective technologies for gas processing. In this context, gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology represents a major pathway for the production of ultra-clean liquid hydrocarbons and value-added chemicals. The Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) reaction is the principal route for the GTL process.

Professor Bukur is exploring effects of novel and non-traditional activation (pretreatment) procedures, and promoters on performance of supported cobalt catalysts during FTS. This research is conducted in collaboration with a team of experts in both fundamental and applied aspects of catalysis. It may ultimately lead to establishing scientific basis for design of the next generation of supported cobalt catalysts for the GTL conversion process. Another area of research is development of a comprehensive kinetic model for FTS in a slurry reactor. The kinetic model developed in this study, coupled with the appropriate conservation equations and transport properties for a given reactor configuration (fixed bed or slurry bubble column), would be a valuable tool for optimizing product yield, simulating the plant design, and evaluating the economic cost benefits.

Dr. Elbashir's research activities are focused on the design of an advanced reactor technology for the FTS to leverage certain advantages over the current commercial technologies while at the same time overcoming several of their major limitations. The pillars of this innovative research approach are based on fundamental studies leading to better understanding of the complex nature of FTS, coupled with applied research work targeting the development of novel catalysts and reactors. All phases of Dr Elbashir's research activity in this field are performed in collaboration with leading scientists of multidisciplinary backgrounds and with the involvement of both graduate and undergraduate students from Qatar. This novel research approach is designed to lead to alternative FTS technologies, enabling Qatar to be on the forefront of technology development in GTL.


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  1. D. Bukur, N. El Bashir, Gas-to-Liquids Research at Texas A&M University at Qatar, QFARF Proceedings, 2010, EEO2.
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