Research problem:

This study is trying to examine to what extent online journalism in the Arab world has adopted biased coverage of the United States. The study hopes to provide a current assessment of how the US is portrayed in Arab world online journalism. This valid, updated information will enable researchers and communicators alike to better understand not only what is being done, but may lead to ways of providing a solid basis for better dealing with American issues and images in the future.

Research Hypotheses:

  • There are differences among web sites (whether biased or not) in image type, covered topics, US image, used evidences, main concentration, ways of distortion, salience, main issue, news values, attraction tools, included figures.
  • There is a positive correlation between image bias (totally biased, totally objective, somehow objective/biased) and image type (negative, neutral, positive).
  • There is a correlation between website affiliation (Arab and non-Arab websites) and website bias, US image and image type (negative, neutral, positive) of the United States.
  • There is a correlation between US image and used appeals, evidence, evidence type and main concentration at the materials.

Research Methodology:

Eight online news websites were been selected among 14 are considered the most important news websites at the Arab world based on the nomination of some experts in this field. News and editorial materials at the first page and internal topics which had any signs at the front pages were also analyzed.


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  1. A.G.H.M. Bayoumy, The image of the United States portrayedin Arab world online journalism, QFARF Proceedings, 2010, AHP7.
    [Google Scholar]
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