This study answers the following main questions:

What system of concepts is related to the strategic planning and building of values? What are the reality, dimensions and outcomes of the conflict of values, and their relationship to identity and society's potential for growth and advancement? Are we suffering from a crisis in the planning and strategic construction of our values? Do we have a national project for planning and building values and preserving our identity? What are the reasons for the weakness of Arab educational products compared to their Asian and Western counterparts? What moral and educational requirements do people living in the twenty first century have? What are the most important international experiences in the planning and building of values and creating a new generation capable of actively contributing to the development and progress of society and the nation? How can we have a national project for planning and building values and preserving our own identity?


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  1. I.R. Al-Deeb, Towards a national project to plan and build cultural values and Arab personal skills for the 21st century, QFARF Proceedings, 2010, AHP4.
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